Chicago Industrial Energy Efficiency Assessments

Chicago, Illinois


General Energy Corp. (GEC) is a member of the team headed by ComEd – an Exelon Company, to perform plant wide efficiency assessments of the industrial plants. These plant wide efficiency assessments were spon readmore..

Alcatel-Lucent Technologies

Alcatel-Lucent Technologies

Naperville, Illinois


Alcatel-Lucent wanted to move six of their electronic laboratories ( similar to data centers) and physical fitness center, to their Naperville campus, Illinois f readmore..

Direct Contact Hot Water System

Aurora Specialty Textiles
Aurora, Illinois

Aurora specialty Textiles (AST) plant uses more than 10 million gallons of fresh water at 185 F annually in its bleaching process. The hot water is generated through a steam injector where readmore..

An Alternate Method of Generating Process Hot Water

Grace Davison
Chicago, Illinois


General Energy Corp. (GEC) was part of a team headed by ComEd, an Exelon Company, that performed a comprehensive energy efficiency assessment at the plant. The energy efficiency assessment readmore..