Argonne, Illinois


GEC has been has been part of ANL’s in-house energy management team from 1985.


ANL is one of the U.S. Department of Energy advanced research laboratory and operated by the University of Chicago. ANL has approximately 3.5 million square feet constructed area which include chemical, physics, and nuclear research laboratories, IPNS facilities, Advanced Photon System (APS) facilities, transportation and administrative facilities.

GEC developed and implemented site wide surveys/study of lighting, compressed air, HVAC motors, energy management and control system, central chilled water systems, and central steam distribution system. GEC assisted in funding and implementing energy efficiency improvements campus-wide. GEC has provided a full range of energy services which included performing energy audits, design & engineering energy improvement projects. GEC performed energy audits of all the major buildings, and provided re-commissioning and retro-commissioning services for at least 6 major buildings.