General Energy Corporation (GEC) is an Illinois corporation established in 1985 and has been serving commercial, institutional, and industrial clients over the last 27 years. General Energy Corporation specializes in energy efficient and sustainable designs. With the successful completion of over 900 projects, GEC is recipient of a number of awards in excellence in engineering and technology. Some of our clientele include Argonne National Laboratory, Exelon, University of Chicago, Lucent/Alcatel, Illinois Capital Development Board, American Municipal Corporation – Ohio, Chicago Public Schools, and Chevron.

GEC was founded to provide energy conservation studies for industrial, commercial, and institutional clients, and quickly grew into a full service MEP/FP engineering consulting company. GEC services include: complete LEED design, commissioning, turn-key implementation of energy projects, and development of renewable energy projects such as wind and solar power plants. We have continued to expand our offerings to meet the diverse needs of our clients within ever-changing industry environment and best practices.

Our ability to anticipate problems, develop solution options, or identify innovative solutions early in a project lifecycle is invaluable to our clients. GEC utilizes its experience to deliver results in a cost effective and timely manner.

GEC’s mission is to provide its clients outstanding engineering services to meet or exceed client’s expectations by innovations and continuous improvements. We at GEC value knowledge, education, and experience of our engineers. We keep our commitments with the client and are open and honest to establish trust in our dealings.

We take proactive approach to identify client's problems and find solutions, and accept responsibility to get the job done. We embark upon an action after a careful thought and painstakingly perform the task for it success. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and teamwork is the way it is accomplished. Efficiency, economy and effectiveness are hallmark of our services.