GEC’s commercial clients include high rise, medium rise, and low rise office buildings, apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants, parking structures, and mixed use structures.



GEC’s experience with governmental facilities include municipal facilities such as office buildings, recreational facilities, ice skating arenas, field houses, waste water treatment plants, water treatment plants, and power plants; Federal and state facilities such as medium and high security prisons, public housing, mental health hospitals, and national laboratories



GEC’s educational clients include K through 12 schools, community colleges, and universities.



GEC’s experience with institutional clients includes educational facilities, correctional facilities, national laboratories, hospitals, and nursing homes.



GEC is a business partner with US Department of Energy’s ‘Industrial Technology Program (ITP)’ and also participated in ‘Chicago Industrial Rebuild Program (CIRP)’. GEC has extensive experience working with different kinds of industrial facilities such as chemical plants, metal casters and foundries, confectionaries, food processing, auto parts manufacturing, plastic moldings, paper mills and forest products.



GEC’s healthcare clients include hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, mental health facilities, and assisted living.



GEC has provided services to more than 150 religious facilities of different denominations such as churches, synagogues, Islamic centers, Hindu temples, Gurdwaras.



GEC’s recreational experience includes park district facilities, community halls, ice arenas, swimming pools, YMCAs, field houses, and gymnasiums.